We just thought you were sleeping…

If you didn’t turn up to work one day, would your employers call to find out where you were?

Today I discovered that mine don’t.

Ordinarily I would txt my coworker or call at 8:30 when I knew someone would be there, but my last txt to that coworker went unanswered and this morning, at 8am, I just really wanted to go back to sleep, so I left a voicemail  on the main switch number for my organisation.

At 5pm I checked facebook and saw a message from a different coworker, asking if I was okay.

My initial reaction was “aww, that’s very sweet of him to ask”, and so I explained that I had been sick but was feeling better, and thank you for asking!

He then explained that nobody had heard from me.

I immediately phoned my boss’ office number to explain the situation. I felt terrible that they hadn’t known where I was. He said “Ah, Bri! We’ve been waiting for you to show up all day!”

We laughed about the situation and I hung up the phone and then realised… hang on a minute, shouldn’t someone have called me? I know that I’m late every single day, but I’ve never just not shown up!

I suppose I should be content with the fact that at least they knew I was missing?

Now I wish I hadn’t called my boss, so I could run an experiment to determine just how many days would have passed before someone came to check that I was still alive!

My estimation would be 2 days. The pile of filing was pretty high when I left yesterday afternoon.


3 thoughts on “We just thought you were sleeping…

  1. Haha ohh dude, that’s kind of scary! I have a friend who has gone missing in Spain. No one has heard from her in months & we don’t know whats happening with her :/
    Luckily you were at home hanging out with the cats 🙂

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