Where have you been? Here, I replied, pausing the cat video on YouTube.

The shitmobile has returned in full force and I’ve found myself coming home and zoning out to really bad youtube videos that I can’t stop myself from watching, instead of doing productive things like writing and cooking.

It isn’t fair to call it a shitmobile. I love my job and the people I work with, there is just a phenomenal amount of work to do and limited resources with which to get it done, so there are a lot of major projects with simultaneous deadlines and every day you find yourself juggling them, adding things to a To Do list that never gets completed.

That’s why tonight found me leaving the office much later than I had expected to, realising as I locked the door behind me, that I hadn’t even considered a minute beyond finishing work.

What was I going to have for dinner? Do the cats have food at home? Will the milk be off tomorrow? Can I just get noodle box and risk the rest?

Yes. Future Bri can handle the shit out of that.

It’s 7:30 now and I’ve finished my prawns and rice in garlic sauce. The cats are entertaining each other with a plastic bag and a receipt and I’m eyeing off the lounge, contemplating an evening of ghost shows, knowing I’ll then go to bed with the light on and pretend I just “fell asleep”.

I live right on the edge, people. See what you’ve been missing out on?






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