Nup, that’s it. I give up. Brain, you are fired!

It’s 5:28pm, Last Day of Work Eve and I’m home, sucking back on the world’s most satisfying cigarette.

I fled from the office at 5pm and walked home while my brain played head-movies of me picking up the Happy Hour sign I was about to walk past and throwing it through the window of the bar.

My brain has decided it no longer wants to work with me, but against me. This last week I have been unable to concentrate for more than a few minutes on any given task. The only thing my brain can concentrate on is the fact that I finish work tomorrow and have a metric fucktonne of work to do.

I am absolutely riddled with this overwhelmingly tense, excess energy, possibly thanks to the 900ml of redbull I consume daily, along with the 3 coffees I’ve been having. It seems that this little britard either has to give up caffeine or take up exercise.

I think we all know the option that I will take.

The only option I didn’t mention: the one where I don’t actually change anything, and just get angry a lot.

Keep me in your thoughts, guys. Tomorrow is going to be a nightmare!


2 thoughts on “Nup, that’s it. I give up. Brain, you are fired!

  1. I hope the next day went a whole lot better for you. I hit the like button although it probably isn’t appropriate for your feelings of blowing your stack. I did so because you mentioned exercise or giving up caffeine. The exercise bit sounds to me like a really good idea; and you don’t have to give up coffee. Lose the Red Bull crap sure, but keep some coffee. Exercise gets the body producing the right sort of feel good stuff according to my reading. Especially for those who tangle with depression. Just a thought. Bruce

    • for as long as I have been alive, I’ve avoided all types of physical exercise. Until recently. If I can just break through the Can’t Be Bothered barrier, I quickly discover how amazing I feel.
      Who would have thought? Haha

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