This is nothing like the time I bought the homeless guy dinner and talked to him until 2am

On Wednesday, the Ranger walked into the office with a very small puppy. Its eyes were wide, and scared, and sad, his body was tan and black.

On closer inspection, his whole body was tan, it was just hidden beneath hundreds of now-dead fleas. I had estimated 70, but on Thursday, it became apparent that my estimation skills were quite poor. There were, in fact, hundreds of fleas.



The puppy had walked onto somebody’s property, and seeing the condition he was in, they had given him a flea bath before taking him to the pound. The Ranger took him from the pound as he needed care. Hence his visit to our office.

Of course, just like those days when maternity leave employees bring their babies in to visit, the moment the puppy arrived, all the women stopped working.

He spent Wednesday night with one of our staff members before coming back to the office on Thursday, where we took it in turns to parent him.

This puppy simply cannot be left alone. He whines mournfully, and constantly. As long as he is physically touching a person, however, he is happy. Consequently, I did a lot of my work one-handed. He tends to stretch a lot, threatening to roll off your lap and onto the floor. Safety is a much lower priority than comfort to him right now and I forget that he’s not a cat. He doesn’t always land on his feet.

He needed a home for Thursday night, so Sid and I gave him one. He can stay here until Saturday night, when we’ll be going out.

Being a lot wiser than I was when I introduced boycat lium to our older girlcat, Jack, I was very confident and calm when I brought him into the house. The cats were startled and nervous at first, but they didn’t once growl, hiss or get squirrel-tail at him.

The puppy was very timid and deferential to them. He wasn’t in any way threatening, and they’ve very slowly begun to become more comfortable with his presence, approaching him with caution, but genuine interest.

I think, given a few more days, they would start to kind of like each other.

Which is a shame because we most definitely can’t keep him. We rent this property and it doesn’t have secure fencing. Nor can we afford him.

Our role in his life will only be short, but I know that I can give him what he needs right now to make him ok for rehoming.

From the behaviour he’s displaying, I can’t tell whether he was abandoned, or he got lost whilst exploring.

When you take him to an outside door, he begins to tremble. The moment you get outside, the trembling gets worse. Have you ever trembled so hard that it hurts? That’s what it looks like.

Since he came to work he has been loved and fussed over. He is a beautiful little guy who seems to be terrified of being left alone. Today is my day off work and I can spend hours holding him and making him feel a bit safer.

Hopefully we can find him a loving family with lots of time to spend with him and who will let him live mostly inside, at least for awhile. He really doesn’t feel safe out there.


2 thoughts on “This is nothing like the time I bought the homeless guy dinner and talked to him until 2am

  1. God bless you and Sid and the cats and evreyone else involved in rescuing this little angel. If I got along with people as well as I do dogs my life would have been a lot different. I’m not saying better just different. I was just thinking about you today. Don’t stay away so long chile! (That’s not a typo. That’s the way we say child down here)

    • Well, he found a forever home yesterday, and I cried for most of the afternoon and last night, haha.

      I’m okay today though. As much as I miss his fat little belly and his puppy smell and that tiny little face nuzzling against me 24 hours a day, my part in his life is over now and he’s got people to love him and keep him safe.

      I’m a bit like you and I much prefer the company of animals to that of most humans.

      I frequently disappear from wordpress for weeks at a time, so feel free to email me – novirginmary at gmail dot com

      I enjoy our conversation! 🙂

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