The little things about a small room

I’ve been a bit out of sorts lately, forgetting to take my pills a lot, getting anxious and angry over the smallest issues.

As a result, I’ve been more proactive about enjoying the good things in life.

Today is my RDO, but I will be going into work for a few hours because our receptionist is on leave and I don’t want her to come back to 3/4 of the work still left to be done.

Until I go in, however, I am going to sit here by the open window, looking onto my cheerful washing, hanging upside down and carefree from the clothesline, the fresh, morning sunlight filtering through the neighbours’ trees, making the grass glow and my whites, whiter.

A small, energetic pup sits in my lap, licking every inch of exposed flesh on my arms, neck and face. He is a little larger than my rather small lap and is very fond of stretching out or exploring, heedless of whether his dopey paws are going to land on my legs, the chair or nothing at all.

To my left sits a pack of cigarettes and a filthy, overflowing ashtray. This is one guilty pleasure that I’m happy to indulge. This is the spare room, the room with the computer, the speakers, the bed, the window that opens onto the backyard for bbq soundtracks and party playlists.

It’s the tumblr room, the dancefloor and the dj booth. It’s probably seen more drunk boobs than I have.

When it’s not being used for parties, it’s our hangover den or home theater. We watch the news here, my ghosties, zombies and documentaries. Sid fights orcs in here, and tumbls a lot of naked wimminz, and drinks his whiskey and smokes his smokes and laughs at memes and teh youtubes.

This is our family room, specifically designed for our needs. A room to house a lot of people in various stages of inebriation. A room for movie snuggles and solitary chillouts.

A room that can’t possibly be ruined any more than it was when we moved in.

Despite that, it’s clearly our favourite room in the house, and I wouldn’t give it up for all the money in the world.

Well, no, maybe I would give it up for that.



4 thoughts on “The little things about a small room

  1. I am so happy for you Bri. You have come a long way from the first post that I read of yours.I am also proud of you. Damn I sound like an older brother or father. I love the room you are in and after a day like I had yesterday I would love to kick back with you and Sid and put forth a tremendous effort in the fight to kill off as many weak brain cells as possible.

    • If you’re ever in small town, central west new south wales, australia, feel free to drop in haha!

      I’ve definitely come a long way from that first post you read. The mind is one truly terrifying, but incredible and fascinating place.

      I’ve just read about the day you had. Some people should never be allowed to have animals. I hope the little boy comes out as ok as he can from this. If it wasn’t for you putting yourself in danger, more than one little boy would have been mauled.

      I can definitely see why it would be tempting to kill off some brain cells x

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