Pupdates and … cat.. updates.

It’s time to take puppy for a walk, out on the road.

He’s had plenty of running around, but it’s all been inside or on the grass. His claws are pretty lethal right now and he’s constantly scratching them on my chest and licking my face.

He’s such an interesting little guy. Dopey and playful and excitable, but he already knows the word ‘No’ and responds by dropping to the ground and sitting subordinately at your feet.

Sid has a tendency to walk around heavily, or stompy, or quickly. This little dude doesn’t take too well to that. He cowers and backs away from him, even going so far as to turn and run from him. He’s also desperate for Sid’s affection and approval, so it appears he may have been beaten or yelled at in the past by a male. I’ve got Sid doing damage control, with some good discipline (no harsh yelling, just a firm ‘no’), heaps of praise and a lot of cuddles and playtimes.

Boycat, on the other hand, has something wrong with his back paws. Both have small cuts on them, but they are probably very deep, and he can’t put much, if any, weight on his right one. He growls if you touch him too much, or even try to touch him where he can’t see you, and he’s hobbling around the place whenever he isn’t stretched out in bed. I’d say it’s a jumping-over-the-corrugated-iron-fence injury. It isn’t the first time he’s had one.

Unfortunately, this means that the puppy is going to have to leave here by Tuesday at the latest, even if we’ve not been able to find a home for him. Boycat doesn’t feel safe with this one now that he’s vulnerable, and my priority is to those two cats who have been so patient and wonderful in sharing their home with two weird dogs who jump and try to bark and are really, really stupid.

Having said that, I think it’s been good for all the animals to be socialized with the enemy. They are all still wary of each other, but its allowed my cats to get up close and personal, without being in any real danger, and it’s ensured that the puppy, if he meets a cat at his next home, maybe won’t charge in there like the giant idiot that he is because he knows that cats need to be approached like kings and queens if you have any hope of living together in any semblance of peace.

Or, none of them have learned anything, and I need to stop thinking of animals as small, furry, foreign-language-speaking people.



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