Girlcat, Jack, meows a lot.

So, like all cat-friends, I either meow back until she gives up, or hold a conversation with her, in English.

Our most recent conversation was about friendly-fire in first person shooters. I don’t like it, but she seems to think it adds a more challenging element to the game, which allows skilled players to flourish, while punishing lazy gamers who just point and spray.

Being of the latter category, I was offended by her statement and went on to explain that I don’t “point and spray” because I’m lazy, I do it because I get scared of the advancing enemy, and generally just start screaming and looking away from the screen.

She called me a faggot and then googled an offensive meme about my mother before sticking her arse in my face.

How the fuck can you fight back against that kind of juvenile shit?


12 thoughts on “Trollcat

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