Time to say goodbye

Friends, Loved ones, People Who Came Here Looking for Needlework Advice Because I Tagged This Post “Needlework Advice”,

I’ve come to a conclusion.

Truth be told, I’ve come to many conclusions in the 30 years I’ve spent on this planet, but very few of them would have been of any interest to you, so I’ve refrained from listing them and instead focussed solely on the one conclusion that matters.

Following the 2011 Facebook success of my MS Paint picture titled “Me, Today”, I am giving up the world of writing to take my chances in the graphic design industry.

Me, Today (4/4/11)

Me, Today (4/4/11)

My portfolio speaks for itself, featuring mostly commissioned pieces (an invitation to a farewell party plus numerous custom-designed birthday cards) and a lot of still life studies. Of dinosaurs.

Although my initial success occurred in 2011, I had to wait until now to embark on my hobby-change because there simply weren’t enough people studying or working in graphic design back then. I knew that it would have been left to me to pioneer this field and, with two cats and a house to keep clean, it was all going to be a bit much.
Am I right, ladies?

Having now borne witness to my work, I think you will agree with me that the time has finally come to unleash my art on the world. It’s waited long enough.

Thank you for all your support. I hope you continue to do so by spending a lot of money on my amazing arts.

Note: All of this was lies. Except for the talented MS Paint Artist part. Clearly, that’s obvious.


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