The Idiotic Messages We Send Our Kids About Violence

Forming The Thread

Ever notice just how wrong our authorities get things?  Specifically, I have been noticing the complete, nonsensical, total disconnect of any kind of reason or consistency between “school violence” and “bullying.”   We have been conditioned lately to think of “school violence” as Columbine or Sandy Hook (never mind that Adam Lanza was not a student).  What seems lost on these clueless administrators is the fact that bullying is a far more common and likely threat than guns or explosives, and can be just as damaging and deadly.  Yet somehow, an obsessive and frankly, idiotic “zero tolerance” even for pretend guns not only has nothing to do with school shootings, but does not translate into any kind of common sense regarding the severe physical and psychological injuries bullies continue to inflict day in, day out, year after year.

As for those administrators who renounce responsibility for actions that occur off of…

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