New skills and old gloves

I have a rare talent.

No, not just my ability to make my feet so pigeon-toed that my toes literally touch each other (see picture).

My favourite pj's and my gumboots. Fashion lives here.

My favourite pj’s and my gumboots. Fashion lives here.

My rare talent is a result of lacerated nerves and tendons from one of my old Drunk Adventures.

I discovered yesterday, whilst trying to scrub ink off the outside of my left wrist, that I have the ability to tickle myself.

The nerve damage runs from the tip of my left little finger, down the outside of my hand and along the scarring, which stops 1/3 of the way down my forearm. It is along this tingly path that I can tickle myself, until the entire thing goes numb and I can no longer feel anything.

This superpower comes at a price, however. Mostly in the form of bullshit temperature-feels where I experience things 10 degrees hotter or colder than they truly are. Including the weather.

Winter is almost here and I really don’t think I can get another season out of my stripey skull elbow-length fingerless gloves. They are amazing, but also held together purely by the power of cat fur.

I really should finish learning how to knit. You can’t exactly buy replacements in this little town.



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