A 30 year old decides it’s time to grow up.

Hilarity ensues.

Join in on her adventures in “How to shop for non-goth clothing”, “What do you do for fun when you’re no longer a binge-alcoholic?” and “Are you serious? I have to make my bed everyย day?”

17 thoughts on “About

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  2. I like that being a grown up means I am free to go and build a blanket fort and curl up inside with a copy of Alice in Wonderland until dinner if that is my prerogative. The rest is pretty sucky.

  3. Wandered over here from Steph’s blog…

    you mentioned cPTSD, which I’m still learning about, including for myself (i.e. I think I deal with it– I’ve only had a diagnosis of PTSD). Are there some posts of yours that might enlighten me more, and that I might understand more about how you experience it?

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