How the old teaches us new tricks

My nose, re-pierced

Hello world from Sunny Melbourne!

I’m on holiday, visiting the friends and family we left behind when we moved back to my tiny home town three years ago.

It’s been a wonderful return to the city we fell in love in, filled with smiling faces and constant laughter. The kind of laughter that only comes out when you are in the company of people who feel like they have little pieces of your soul inside them. The close ones.

It’s also been a time for reflection and thinking from open car windows. I got my old nose piercing reopened yesterday. It’s been nice to realise that life isn’t as black and white as I’d always seen it. I can be both Grown Up, Responsible Bri whilst being Nose Piercing Bri. Those two people had always seemed separate entities to me and now it’s a marvel to discover that I can be all the different Bri’s, all at once. It’s so exciting to no longer be afraid of where possibilities may lead me.

The sobriety challenge hasn’t been challenging at all. I haven’t been tempted to drink, I seem to somehow be aware that I simply don’t need it. I think anxiety over an inevitable upcoming binge was something I constantly carried with me in the past, and that in itself would usually lead me to drinking. No longer experiencing that anxiety seems to be all the reward I need to keep firm in my decision to keep alcohol out of my life.

Right now, life feels like an amazing gift that I’ve only just now taken out of its box. I’m having an amazing time seeing all the cool stuff it can do.